The Company intends to consummate a business combination with an Italian medium-sized privately held company focused on the Food & Beverage, Consumer and Retail sectors. The Target company is an example of Italian industrial excellence and it is interested in opening its capital to institutional investors by listing its shares on a regulated market.

For guidance Glenalta Food will focus on Italian companies with an Equity Value between € 100 million and € 250 million.

The Company has developed general criteria and guidelines for evaluating and selecting potential target companies operating on the Food & Beverage, Consumer and Retail sectors, which are:

  • Performance
    Glenalta Food intends to focus its attention on companies that have historically achieved positive operating and financial results.
  • Competitive product positioning
    Glenalta Food plans to target companies that have a distinctive market position in their reference sectors. More specifically, in this regard, the company will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the target companies products focusing, for instance, on such factors as uses, product quality, degree of customer loyalty and concentration, level of patent protection, diversification of the supplier base as well as brand positioning.
  • stable Cash generation
    Glenalta Food S.p.A. intends to focus on target companies with a history and the ability of generating—positive, stable cash flows to fund their ordinary investments and generate adequate remuneration for invested capital over time.
  • International presence or plans for international growth
    Glenalta Food S.p.A. intends to focus on target companies that have a solid international platform or the ability to expand abroad their domestic market, even if their identity as well as management, production and organization center are based in Italy.
  • Management
    Glenalta Food S.p.A. intends to focus on target companies with a strong and experienced management team, with a proved ability to fulfil a continuous growth pattern, with ongoing profitability and financial stability. The target company’s management team should also prove to be interested in and adequate to the listing project aimed at strengthening the business and facilitating its international development.